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I am so excited to share with you all of the latest and greatest happenings in the world of wellness and anti-aging. It is my and my staff’s goal at The Anti-Aging Boutique to empower our clients through knowledge and keeping up with the latest rejuvenative advances in wellness, aesthetics & longevity. We can help anyone at any age look and feel their best.

My focus will be on science based nutraceuticals, aka- vitamins, minerals, herbs, supplements, etc., and combining them with cutting edge rejuvenating bio-technologies, such as NASA researched LED phototherapy to, in essence “turn back the clock.” I will be sharing my personal experiences with supplements, nutrition, diets (gluten-free, paleo & vegan), recipes, exercise, aesthetics, cosmetics, skin care, well-being, functional healthcare and energy healing. All components of what I refer to as “The Anti-Aging Lifestyle.”

I look forward to bringing you interviews with thought leaders, product and treatment reviews, & will feature before and after photos to reveal fabulous results. I also welcome guest bloggers that are experts in anti-aging and wellness. Feel free to send us blog ideas or engage with us and our readers by leaving posts. We know there is a tremendous amount of helpful knowledge out there in our community and sharing your experiences can help others.


*Please note that all blog posts are based on my or my staff’s personal experiences,thoughts and beliefs, and in no way should they be misconstrued as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or guidance. Always consult with your personal healthcare provider for your individual needs.

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