The Elite Bio-Scan

When I do a consultation with someone it always starts with a Bio-Scan. I have found it to be the single most effective, non-invasive, and accurate way of gaining information on someones energetic health status. I have personally used the Zyto device to run bio-scans on myself for years now and have been blown away by the results. In my case, the technology indicated certain energetic imbalances in my body and then these disturbances, indeed correlated to results verified by standard medical tests. I might also add that when some standard medical laboratory tests repeatedly failed to reveal the true cause of my illness, the Bio-Scan “nailed it” months before the causes were then diagnosed and confirmed via laboratory blood tests.

With that being said, the technology does not diagnose medical conditions. What it does do, is it provides an overview of energetic balance or imbalance within the body. Once I have this information on someone, I can then selectively choose to test certain vitamins, minerals, essential oils, energy balancing patches, foods, etc., to see which help bring the body in better balance.

The bio-scans are performed by simply resting a persons hand on the Zyto hand cradle. The hand cradle serves as an interface between the client and the computer.

The computer then records a stimulus response based on galvanic skin responses that correspond to various acupuncture points on the hand. It is comfortable and the client doesn’t feel anything during the scan. Basically, the program and computer is conducting a subconscious “conversation” with the body to reveal “stress” and balance.

Thanks to the advancements in technology and our “connectedness,”  I am able to Virtually Scan anyone, anywhere in the world, once I ship them the hand cradle and they log on to the Zyto web site.

This technology is based on the work of the pioneers of Energetic Medicine, the most famous of which was Reinhold Voll, MD. He was a German physician who claimed he had discovered new meridian systems in the body and that these meridians, along with corresponding organs, could be electrically measured by specific points on the hands and feet. This discovery is known as Electronic Acupuncture According to Voll or (EAV.)

What I love about the technology is it helps me to provide specific and individualized recommendations for my clients based on the scan results combined with an extensive health history. I also love that I can provide a way for clients to be proactive in true healthcare. My clients love it because it is quick, painless, the results resonate with them and we can narrow down the most effective products, diet, or foods to bring them into balance.

*Please note that all blog posts are based on my or my staff’s personal experiences, thoughts and beliefs, and in no way should they be misconstrued as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or guidance. Always consult with your personal healthcare provider for your individual needs.

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1 Comment on The Elite Bio-Scan

  1. Natalie Black
    January 22, 2015 at 1:04 am (4 years ago)

    I agree. We only pay attention to our health when we recognize outward symptoms. As a result, most of our healthcare focuses on dealing with problems after they’ve become significant enough to be symptomatic, rather than providing our bodies with the support they need day-to-day as they deal with problems that are ‘little.’


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