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photoI, like many people, have a love-hate relationship with Botox. It works so well aesthetically, but its potential adverse effects are off-putting. I sat down one day to read the package insert and was shocked – Botox contains human albumin, a blood product, which carries an extremely remote risk for transmission of viral diseases. Yes, the pharmaceutical company states they screen donors for sourcing and then it goes through both a pasteurization and filtering process. But at the end of all of that, there is still a minimal risk of viral transmission. A bit unsettling to say the least. I have been totally unaware of this risk, as was one of my friends who worked for the company that sold the stuff. I wonder how many doctors even know this. I would venture to say it would be quite difficult to pinpoint a cause and effect of contracting a virus, that could be the result of let’s say, a bad batch for whatever reason. Hopefully, it hasn’t happened and never will, but one never knows. Up until now, I tried to rationalize using Botox in the smallest amount possible to get the results I wanted, but the injection party is over on my forehead, I’m not personally comfortable with the risk right now.

Admittedly, the whole concept of using Botox and similar products, goes against my beliefs in natural health, but this specific discovery coupled with the fact that I am currently dealing with an autoimmune skin condition, made me seriously search for an alternative. I needed to cleanse my body from this toxin altogether.

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I didn’t need to search far, because I had been using Wrinkle MD as a way to stretch out the effects of Botox in between appointments. I realized that the time had come to use it alone instead of Botox and the results have been surprisingly good. Don’t misunderstand me- the results are not going to be as dramatic as Botox of course, but it definitely helps quite a bit to minimize lines and plump the skin, making it appear smoother and younger looking. I know many other health conscious people who are looking for a more natural alternative and this product is at the top of my list.

So for now, instead of resorting to needles and neurotoxins, I use and recommend, the Wrinkle MD Hyaluronic Deep Infusion System. It was developed by leading dermatologists, scientists, and aestheticians. In clinical studies, the results show 15x greater reduction in the appearance of wrinkles than the leading anti-wrinkle serum.

The system comes with one activator pod, 5 Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Infusion Brow Patch Sets, and Youth Serum HA. It’s easy to use. Just attach the connector buds to the HA patch that has a concentrated hydrogel with medical grade HA and peptides. The Micro-Pulse Ion Technology diffuses the hydrogel deep into the skin. After 30 minutes, skin is hydrated, plumped, and wrinkles and lines are smoothed. Best of all, I love that I can use this system at home and no appointment is necessary!

Here are my before and after pictures after only 1 treatment:

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It is recommended to use the system twice the first week then once per week thereafter for maintenance. I really do not like my forehead wrinkles so I use it more often as I feel necessary!

95% of the women who used it in clinical tests reported significant reduction in wrinkle appearance in 2 weeks, dramatic reduction in fine line appearance, and immediately refreshed, radiant skin. And these results are maintained with use. So if you’re wary of the negative effects of Botox and want an alternative, try this system for firmer-looking, hydrated skin.

Dawn Lenfest

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