The Anti-Aging Boutique Melatonin

“I started using The Anti-Aging Boutique’s melatonin tablets whenever I have difficulty sleeping or when I need to ensure that I will get a good nights’ sleep. I have been very pleased with their performance and I have not been groggy the day after using them.” – Melissa Marshall, Margate, FL

Premier Research Labs Magnesium / Zyto Scan

“I suffered from multiple kidney stones for many years. After a lot of frustration and never getting satisfactory answers, I was convinced that I would never know the cause of my stones and that I would suffer from them the rest of my life. That all changed after my first Zyto scan. It indicated that I could possibly be deficient in magnesium. I began taking Premier Research Labs Magnesium supplement and almost immediately I could notice that something was different. I also suffered from chronic migraine headaches and they were gone. I was a bit skeptical at first that something as simple as magnesium could help my kidney stone problem, but after being stone-free for almost two years now, I am a believer!” – Chris Peters, Vero Beach, FL


Omnilux LED Facial

“A huge thank you to Janine for the “red light” facial………  pure bliss!!  Before I had this treatment, I didn’t know about the positive effects of red light therapy on the skin. After learning about the treatment, and experiencing it personally, I am a big fan after just one treatment! After Janine worked on me, it was immediately noticeable that my skin looked smoother and more even-toned.  It even felt like my foundation went on easier and looked better.  Thank you to the amazing staff at The Anti-Aging Boutique!  I will be continuing these treatments so I can experience the full benefits it offers.” – Marci Nigro, Philadelphia, PA

Omnilux LED Facial Series

“Acne scarring left me with deep ‘ice pick’ scars and many years in the sun caused uneven skin tone. For 15 years I have been getting peels, facials, microdermabrasion, using Retin-A, even having laser treatments; trying anything and everything to get rid of the scars.  Not one of these things gave as good of results as 8 red light treatments! At first I only saw a slight improvement, but now after 12 weeks out of my treatments my scars are beginning to ‘fill in’ healing themselves from the inside out I was not convinced (until I tried it) that something so easy, pain-free, with NO downtime could produce such huge results! I am so pleased with the results, I wish I could go back and save the thousands of dollars I spent before I found this treatment.” – Amanda Hallett, Vero Beach, FL

Variety of Services

“I experienced extraordinary services: a facial and a foot massage.  I had a “Boutique Facial” and added Omnilux LED Red Light Therapy with incredible results; having the appearance of hydrated, smooth skin and a dewy glow I haven’t seen in many years. The foot massage was relaxing, allowing me to escape everyday stress and soothing to my entire body. The staff is well versed on the variety of products and what would best fit your needs.” – Kass Donnelly, Philadelphia, PA

Omnilux LED Facial

“I have been a client and customer of The Anti-Aging Boutique since they first opened. The products and services are of the highest quality and the treatment room is the nicest I’ve ever been in. My favorite facial is the Omnilux LED red light treatment that Janine so expertly performs. Not only is it relaxing, but the results are immediate and lasting. People always compliment me on my skin especially after my service with the Omnilux light. I love the pure, organic facial products they offer. The staff are very helpful in guiding me on decisions regarding vitamins and herbs as well.” – Cindy O., Vero Beach, FL

Multiple Services

“I have used several of the products from The Anti-Aging Boutique and found them all to be helpful! In addition, I have had the LED facial and used the RejuvaBed and had great results; they both really make a difference. The massages are to die for and should not be missed!” – Tom L., Vero Beach, FL

Variety of Products & Services

“I just can’t say enough about the friendly & helpful staff! They are always eager to share their knowledge and are very informative when it comes to the vast array of vitamins and skin care they offer, often helping steer me in the right direction. I have been very pleased with the results in my skin from all the products I have tried and I even have great before & after photos to prove it! The LED facials are out of this world! I would highly recommend everyone stop in to The Anti-Aging Boutique, whether you are looking for vitamins or skin care or just a relaxing treatment in their beautiful suite!” – Marie Laboon, Vero Beach, FL